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Adidas Tubular Client Adidas Internacional Services Shooting Campaign Project International Campaign centered around product key visuals. Goals Creation of visuals that transform the products from the tubular collection into objects of desire to generate demand. Working on an icon Adidas has been the pioneer brand in sports for decades. These products are an icon of […]


Dior Client Dior París Services Strategy Creativity Production Social Media Project Content and campaign for Dior Jewellery (International). Goals To bring the jewellery brand to a less elitist feminine audience, and to illustrate consumption opportunities to a greater audience without losing any premiumness. Rethinking ‘premiumness’ Dior Paris enjoys an impeccable reputation as an iconic luxury […]


PortAventura Client PortAventura World Services Strategy Creativity Production Social Media Project Community, content and activation management in 5 different international markets for the different brands. Goals Conversion, engagement, Community growth. An adventure with a digital leader After four years, PAW has proven to be the digital leader in its sector. We have shared this great […]

Rakuten / FCB

Rakuten / FCB Client Rakuten (Japan) Services Strategy Production Branded Content Media Project FCB sponsorship activation through an international digital campaign and digital content. Goals Notoriety and global level follower acquisition. The passion that unites us Creación de proyecto con más de 60 niños venidos de todos los rincones del mundo para jugar con las […]


imagin Planet Client imagin  Services Partnerships Media Strategy Production Project Strategy and contents for the imaginPlanet sustainability vertical. Goals Environmental purpose. Carbon footprint reduction. Acquisition of new imagin members. Action activations and conversations around sustainability Initiatives with brand responsibility imagin is not a banking application, it is much more. Finally, a bank dares to prioritize the […]


Playstation Client Sony Playstation. TVE, Discovery, Boing. Services Strategy Creativity Production Branded Content Media Project Launch of family videogames, Brand repositioning.​ Goals Leading the charge to reach the family target to reposition the Brand and achieve new product sales. The leading brand in trips to outer worlds Playstation has dominated the universe of video games and its […]


Danone Client Danone Services Branded Content Creativity Production Strategy Media Project Branded Content. Creativity, production, website and digital campaign.​ Goals Launch and press conference for the new Actimel. Sharing memorable experiences Creation of digital content that allows consumer participation and is reflected in TV formats. Actimel, Danet and Oikos are familiar and memorable brands for […]

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Client Tag Heuer Services Strategy Creativity Production Social Media Partnership Project Content and comercial for the new Tag Heuer smartwatch. Goals Notoriety and visits to the product landing page. Una producción para expandir la marca Declinamos la campaña internacional de los nuevos relojes Tag Heuer a través de 4 territorios presentados por 4 […]


Kinder Bueno Client Ferrero Ibérica Services Partnership Media Strategy Production Influencer Marketing Project Ads and branded content for Kinder Bueno.​ Goals Product launch, conversion and lead generation, trade campaigns. What would you do to get a Kinder Bueno? We made branded content as fun and disruptive as possible. Broadcast on TeleCinco (national broadcaster) and celebrated […]