EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CRIMS EXHIBITION  Now you can live the CRIMS universe in your skin. A unique experience attended by thousands of citizens every day.  CRIMS is an unprecedented social phenomenon in Catalonia, the best True Crime content to date. After the radio show, came the podcast, the TV show and […]


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Adidas Tubular Client Adidas Internacional Services Shooting Campaign Project International Campaign centered around product key visuals. Goals Creation of visuals that transform the products from the tubular collection into objects of desire to generate demand. Working on an icon Adidas has been the pioneer brand in sports for decades. These products are an icon of […]


Dior Client Dior París Services Strategy Creativity Production Social Media Project Content and campaign for Dior Jewellery (International). Goals To bring the jewellery brand to a less elitist feminine audience, and to illustrate consumption opportunities to a greater audience without losing any premiumness. Rethinking ‘premiumness’ Dior Paris enjoys an impeccable reputation as an iconic luxury […]

Range Rover

Range Rover Evoque Client Range Rover Services Creativity Production Project Launch of the new Range Rover Evoque. Goals Repositioning the Brand and achieving presale goals. Reinventing the concept A historical challenge for an iconic brand in the territory of travel and adventure needs to reinvent itself in the world of fashion, design, and rejuvenate its […]


PortAventura Client PortAventura World Services Strategy Creativity Production Social Media Project Community, content and activation management in 5 different international markets for the different brands. Goals Conversion, engagement, Community growth. An adventure with a digital leader After four years, PAW has proven to be the digital leader in its sector. We have shared this great […]


Bacardi Innovation Lab Client Bacardí INC Services Production Branded Content Project Digital content platform and innovation lab. Goals Leading innovation in the cocktail industry. An innovative creation The 1st online platform that shows the exploration of new horizons in the cocktail mixing field while generating an endless content for both consumers and professionals. The entire […]


Martini Client Bacardí Services Creativity Production Social Media Partnership Project Strategy, creativity, production, social media community management and branded content on TV. Goals Leading the engagement share of vermouth conversations, lead generation, sales conversion. Community growth. The vermouth leader Development and management of the brand’s Social Media community on different platforms. Creativity and execution of […]


Playstation Client Sony Playstation. TVE, Discovery, Boing. Services Strategy Creativity Production Branded Content Media Project Launch of family videogames, Brand repositioning.​ Goals Leading the charge to reach the family target to reposition the Brand and achieve new product sales. The leading brand in trips to outer worlds Playstation has dominated the universe of video games and its […]