Zoopa creates a new methodology to produce solutions in video games and metaverses

At Zoopa we wanted to try new techniques, so we decided to play. And, by playing, we ended up in the metaverse of Roblox, an online multiplayer video game platform where users can create their own virtual worlds and enter those of their friends. We decided to delve into this metaverse, and we have already developed ZoopaLand, a metaphysical universe that almost exactly replicates our office in Barcelona.

Start of the ZoopaLand universe on Roblox

The world of ZoopaLand consists of two large differentiated spaces: the interior of the office and the exterior space. In the first one, the user can tour the facilities, sit on the chairs and sofas around the departments that he likes the most, and interact with some of the workers.

In the outer space, on the other hand, you will find two mini-games from the production and creativity departments. The first mini-game is ideal for those more moviegoers, who have managed to memorize entire scripts of some of the most mythical films and TV series of our time, while the second one is designed for those with a privileged orientation and spatial vision, since it consists of a macro-labyrinth in which 4 digits are hidden, which will serve as a code to escape.

Production’s minigame in ZoopaLand

It must be said that we have been on a roll for a season now with this innovation. After the success of the Crims Exposició (Crims exhibition), which already has more than 100,000 visits and access to the exhibition’s interactive game, we created imaginMetaHack, together with our colleagues from imagin and PlayStation, entering the interactive world of PlayStation Dreams. But with ZoopaLand we have gone further. We have merged technology, metaverse and fun, in a small universe that represents us as an agency.

And, after all this, we can only say: we already want to do it again.